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What is translation? What do I pay for?

Translation is never about mechanically replacing individual words in one language with those in another language using a dictionary. It’s about conveying meanings logically from one language and culture to another. The aim of a translation is to create the same reaction in the target audience as the original text creates in its audience. Translation is a demanding expert job, which especially in the case of Finnish requires a solid professional, a human being.

A professional translator creates a text in the target language so, adapting the factual content as well as the style to the needs of the target audience. Professional translators are always bound by client confidentiality, and they constantly update their skills. Translators use translation memory tools and several other specialist tools, such as terminology data bases, online sources and electronic dictionaries.

A client pays for the time it takes to create a translation. The fee must cover the handling of documents, translation, terminology work, second reading of the translation, document finishing to the needs of the client and eventual changes after the client’s comments. A professional translator averages an output of about 2.000 words per day. That’s what you pay for –  the time and experience of a professional. When a text is important for your company, it pays off to get the job done professionally. It’s always cheaper to get quality from the beginning than to fix damages to your image or to answer complaints later.

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Examples of pricing and turnaround times

Minimum fee 60 €


“Det milt vårdande oljefritt Lacto line rengöringsskummet är avsett för daglig rengöring av ansiktet. Även lämplig för rengöring av fransförlängningar. Skummet rengör huden varsamt och effektivt. Återställer hudens normala fuktbalans och lämnar huden mjuk efter rengöringen. Utvecklat speciellt för torr och känslig hud. Milt parfymerad.”

One page ca. 85 €


Document with 1 page (426 words and ca. 2.440 letters).

Open example page here (pdf)

One page ca. 110 €


Document with 1 page (553 words and ca. 3.100 letters).

Open example page here (pdf)

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